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A Supernatural Fan Based Project

This journal has been inspired by the 1000 journals project created by Someguy (no, that's not me forgetting his name, it is the artist's name or if you prefer, Brian Singer). After watching the documentary on his work I was inspired by his idea. Following the links from his website I then fell down the rabbit hole into the 1001 journals site where he invites others to create their own.

I am a student currently in my 3rd year of university. My final year, and I want to use this as a collaborative and participatory project for my assessment.

So this is what I want to do:

I want to send 66 journals traveling around the world to other fans so they can add their own fanart entries. 66 journals because of the 66 seals that Lillith had to break to set Lucifer free, and the journal, because of John's journal and how important it is to the boys. A connection to family and to the world of hunting. After all, every evil thing their Dad ever encountered was in it.

This sounds cool, what do I need to do?

If you'd like to be a part of this collaborative effort please sign up at the sign up post here and register your interest. I will send out a journal to wherever you are in the world so that you can create your own entry. Once you have created your entry (as many or as few pages as you wish to fill, I don't want to cramp anyone's creativity) I will send you the contact details of the next person waiting for the journal. Oh and if you are a minor, please ask for your parents consent first. :D

Do I have to have a livejournal to take part?

NO! you can come and participate from any social media community or website, Tumblr, deviantart facebook wherever! If you would spread the word that would be AMAZING, the more the merrier actually :D I want fandom to come together and create something wonderful. Go and checkout the 1000 journals project and see how amazing it turned out! (The link is in the sidebar :D )

♥ Journal Entries
What the entry consists of is up to you. The only hard and fast rule is that it must be inspired by the TV show Supernatural. Content should be no more graphic than what is shown on the show week to week. After all, we don't know who will get the journal next. You can be artistically gifted or find it hard to draw a stick figure, I don't care, its the desire to create and add your entry that counts. Let's face it, we are all our own worst critic.

Well Supernatural of course :D


The link to the sign up post is directly under the banner, or alternatively here


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